Terms & Conditions


1.  The Photographer

The Photographer is Joseph Fletcher and operates under Serene Images Photography.

2.  Photography Consent

The Client consents to they or their children being photographed by Serene Images

3.  Cancellation Fee

If the client cancels or postpones a confirmed photography session or viewing presentation, a cancellation fee will apply.

4.  Deposit

A minimum of 33% is required six weeks prior to the event.

5.  Failure to pay

If the client refuses delivery of the order or refuses to pay the balance of monies due within [7] days of being notified the client shall forfeit all monies paid to Serene Images Photography.

6.  Images Files

All photographic image files remain the property of Serene Images Photography.

7.  Copyright

Copyright in all images produced by Serene Images Photography remains the exclusive property of Serene Images Photography

8.  Printing Rights

Serene Images Photography retains the exclusive rights to make prints and reproductions of images it produces.  A limited printing agreement may be included in your package and the details will be outlined.

9.  Marketing and Promotions

Serene Images Photography may reproduce images from clients session for it’s own marketing, advertising, promotion and exhibition both internally and external.

10.  Photography of Minors

For subjects under the age of 18, at least one parent or guardian must be present at all times whilst the minor is on Serene Images Photography premises. The parent or guardian must maintain a visual contact with the minor.

11.  Physical Activity

Photo sessions that involve physical activity are undertaken at the clients own risk.

12.  Acceptance

Engaging with Serene Images Photography states the acceptance of these terms.

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